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Anna and Ruby: It's A Start.



Anna liked to have her plans. Thinking things through generally helped predict the outcome much easier than without preparation. Planning only goes so far when heated emotions are battling cold logic, though. The chances of her dying had been high, but her emotions had ran higher than that. The moment she had laid eyes on the presence that had inhabited John Winchester’s body, she knew that this would be the moment she died.

Her plans had accommodated the fact that she was, with almost complete certainty, going to die while trying to stop the Winchester brothers from ever being born.

What she hadn’t planned on what coming back.

Her first breath was a sharp one, the ones soon after that much shakier as recently revived lungs tried to keep up with the sudden introduction of air. Alive. Alive. Wide eyes stared upward at the cloudy sky as she waited for her body to slowly begin to respond to her commands, moving stiff fingers and toes that were in the same pair of boots she had worn the night she died. Finally gathering the strength to sit up, she found that her physical body hadn’t changed much at all. What had been reduced to ashes had been fully restored, it seemed, without an explanation.

Not one to waste an opportunity, she was soon up and walking, trying to figure out exactly where she had landed. There was no landmarks nearby— well, that may be because most of the area around her was flattened unnaturally so. Even if there had been landmarks, she wasn’t sure if she could have recognized them. Her head felt like it was full of cotton, her memories slow to return in full. She wasn’t even sure whether she was in 1979 or if she had come back to the proper timeline when she was revived.

Well, only one way to find out. She had seen a town up ahead, and in moments she was there, feeling slightly sickened by the transportation, but ready to investigate all the same as she began to walk into the core of the city.

Ruby was walking slowly around town, her mind deep in thought and her hands deep in her pockets. She needed some fresh air. She had been stuck in a cheap motel room for days and had convinced herself that she needed to go for a walk to clear her head, so here she was, walking alone, indifferent to the cold wind biting her face. She was trying, to no avail, to sort things out in her mind. She still had no clue as to what was going on. Although now she knew when and where she was, she still didn’t know why she was. She’d been alive again for a little over a week now, and she still didn’t have a clue as to why she was on earth again, breathing, and as close to alive as a demon could get.

Looking around as she walked, it didn’t take her long to single out Ruby on the street, recognizing the other woman’s familiar presence and long dark hair. She paused, evaluating the situation for a moment. The demon hadn’t spotted her, it seemed, and she was safely out of sight behind the demon. Looking at her options, she decided that it was best to follow Ruby for now to see where she was going. She resumed walking, a decent amount of distance now between them, her eyes locked onto the other woman.