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OOC: Requesting Roleplay



seriously how does one request roleplay I am not socially equipped to do this

Hello! Just throwing this post out here to see who would like to interact with Anna. 

Or would it be better for me to simply post up a starter? I could do that. Should I do that? It seemed like less of a hassle to put up an ooc post first, but I can do a starter if desired. ..I should probably do that. I already have this post, though..ahhhh choices. I think my issue is that I’m not entirely certain about how I should start. Oh dear. I’ll just stick with the ‘requesting roleplay’ for now. 

 I look forward to playing with all of you in the future, by the way. 

ooc: Hello, Sweetie. Welcome to the club :) Things have been kinda slow around here lately, but hopefully they’ll pick up soon. If you wanna make a starter, I’ll gladly reply, Hun :) Feel free to start a post w/ Cas anytime actually. I’m usually lurking around somewhere.

ooc: Thank you! c: I don’t mind the somewhat slowness(though really, I haven’t noticed much slowness in general, just lots of friendly people!), it’s actually very nice compared to the hellish speeds of some roleplays I’ve participated in. 

Yay! :D I just finished writing a starter so I’ll be posting that soon, hopefully.